5 Reasons to Get Botox

In the past, Botox has gotten a bit of a bad reputation. All it takes is a few misconceptions and misunderstandings for people to get to the widely accepted assumption that botox makes your face emotionless and like you’ve had “too much plastic”. We want to break these misconceptions and explain why we love botox, so you can love it, too!


4 Ways to Change Your Skincare Routine This Fall

Just like the weather, your skin is constantly changing. As your skin changes, what it needs also changes. Try to be in tune with your skin, and notice when it changes. If you have an annoying breakout, your skin is trying to tell you something! As we transition into fall in the coming months, here are a few easy ways you should change up your skincare routine.


5 Best Things to Do For Clogged Pores

Sometimes your face just needs a bit of a refresh. Your skin goes through a lot! Sun, sunscreen, makeup, and air pollution all contribute to a face that can begin to feel drabby and dingey. Your pores especially deserve a bit of TLC to remove the debris that is clogging them up, and help you get back the skin you love and deserve. Here are a few things to do to help out your skin and get rid of clogged pores.


Where Your Breakouts Are Located Means More Than You Think

Most adults who have acne in highschool, carry their skin problems with them into adulthood. In fact, many adults who never had acne prone skin will develop problematic skin in their adulthood. We usually associate acne with teenagers, but that really isn’t the reality. Most adults experience at least some form of acne. So how do you get rid of it? Understanding your acne, and more importantly where on your face you are breaking out, is a lot more important than you probably realize.


How to Take Care of Your Skin This Summer

Summer is almost upon us! We spend most of the winter months getting our “summer body” ready. But we don’t spend nearly enough time getting our “summer skin” ready. Your skin goes through a lot during the summer months. Constant heat and exposure to the sun are just a few of the harsh things your skin has to deal with. You should always be careful with your skin and take proper care of it, but the way that you take care of your skin can change with the seasons. Here are a few tips to help you take care of your skin during the summer.


4 Things That Age Your Skin

As a young child, all we all wanted was to get older and become an adult. Now that we’re adults, we realize the foolishness of those wishes. One negative side effect of aging, is that our skin ages as well. This means sun spots, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, and all other sorts of ways your skin will remind you daily that you’re aging. Luckily, we have a few things up our sleeve to help you reverse the natural aging of your skin.


The Importance of a Daily Skincare Regimen

Most people want to see an improvement in their skin, but don’t really want to put in the necessary effort. While it would be nice to have truly effortlessly beautiful skin, it’s just not really sustainable. You have to put work and effort into your skin if you want it to look the way you want it to. This means ditching the drugstore cleanser, and meeting with a qualified esthetician to find the right products for your specific skin. What works for one person might not work for the next, just based simply on what your skin is like. Here are the steps for an effective daily skin care regimen.


4 Tips for a Faster Chemical Peel Recovery

If you’ve been doing your homework, you’ve learned that a facial chemical peel can give your face new life. However, it also calls for some recovery time.

Chemical peels encourage the resurfacing of your skin by stimulating the development of new skin cells and getting rid of old tissue. In the process, chemical peels eliminate or reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark spots, and uneven skin tone. After a chemical peel, your skin is rejuvenated, with a lively glow and a smooth tone. (more…)

Does Moisturizing Lotion Work?

Those of us who live in the Salt Lake Valley know a thing or two about dry skin. Our arid climate, paired with interior heating during the winter, not to mention difficult air quality, all contribute to the frequent occurrence of dry and scaly skin. (more…)

Eat Right for Better Skin

When you think of your beauty regime, you probably think in terms of face wash, lotions, and creams… all topical applications. It’s true that what you put on your skin matters a lot. And external pollutants and stressors, and rays (think UV) will affect the presence of blackheads, acne, fine lines, and decreased collagen. (more…)

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